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Habitual Factors Related to Discomfort

Massage therapy can be helpful in treating a wide variety of conditions. These treatments can have a short term effect, leading to another session within a short time; or, the benefit may last much longer, and may even be permanent, depending on to what extent the client is aware of other factors which contribute or cause the condition.

As Licensed Massage Therapists, we try to conduct a thorough interview to determine “the whole story.” We try to assess factors such as their job, hobbies, posture, and sleep habits among others. These factors will perpetuate the condition unless addressed.

A client might have low back pain due to a leg-length discrepancy; ankle and/or knee pain might be resolved by changing footwear. A common yet effective remedy for neck, back, and hip discomfort might be in the form of using pillows properly when sleeping!

Many of the muscle tension problems that clients refer to are simply a result of repetitive stress, many times due to even the easiest tasks. By pacing work, one can intervene with short breaks and alleviate the symptoms. I will frequently tell clients to take a 2-3 minute break every 30 minutes for a restroom or water break, and a little stretch. And there are always things like posture modification and proper lifting technique.

It’s important for clients to understand how their bodies work, be more aware of their bad habits, and be more accountable and in control of the things they do to aggravate their symptoms.

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