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Stress Relief and Massage Therapy

We’ve all been there; sitting in the car in rush hour traffic, on the phone with the cable company because your internet quit working, or rushing to meet a deadline at work. Your blood pressure will rise, you start to feel the muscles in your back tighten, you begin to grit your teeth and now your back and neck hurt.

The effects that stress has on our body starts to wear us down. You are more tired than normal or you are getting headaches and then begin to be moody. When we hurt we either take some pain relief medication or we are on a heating pad. Yes, I am talking about you; we’ve all been there.

There is a more natural solution. Two words, Massage Therapy! Yes, you read it correctly! Massage therapy can help your body when you are stressed. Something as simple as a relaxation massage can start a feel good, healing process to help you mentally and physically unwind.

The simple techniques of a massage will increase blood circulation. This makes you feel warm as well as help blood circulate throughout your muscles and organs to help repair them. The relaxing feel will release the “feel good” hormone dopamine. Therefore, after a massage you will have feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Receiving massage therapy once a month is recommended for maintenance, to keep your body feeling good as well as just taking time for yourself. Giving yourself time to escape all the stressors that the outside world throws at us and focus on you for just 60 minutes will be life-changing experience. Just try it!

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