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Treat Dad to a Massage this Father’s Day

Whether it is sitting in an office chair, gardening, mowing our lawns, or hauling the kids around, Dad probably has some aches and pains that need attention. Dad may overwork himself and find his back reminding him of this for weeks, especially the lower back.
Low back pain can feel anywhere from uncomfortable to debilitating depending on the severity of it. The type of pain can vary as well with some cases feeling like a sharp stinging to a dull ache that throbs. Whichever the symptoms or severity you might be experiencing, massage therapy may be the answer you need.
There are three muscles that are likely the culprit of your discomfort; Quadratus Lambroum, Iliopsoas, or the Gluteal muscle group. Tightness in these muscles can lead to poor posture and create a pain cycle. Another cause of a sharp shooting sensation would be an inflamed or impinged nerve. With deep tissue massage therapy and pin-stretch techniques, we can alleviate your pain and give you the comfort you need.
Instead of buying Dad a tie, wallet or cologne this year, give him the gift of health. With this generous gift, you can help your dad relieve stress and pain, improve his range of motion and flexibility, increase circulation and improve his posture, and even provide headache relief. Even if Dad’s not suffering from any symptoms, he will leave The Therapy Centers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Our Father’s Day Special is a 1 Hour Massage & Foot Scrub for only $55! A savings of 33%! Give us a call to schedule today! 859.443.4292

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