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Spinal Muscular Awareness Month

Massage therapy is beneficial for multitudes of issues ranging from headaches to plantar fasciitis. Since August is SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) awareness month we are going to look at the benefits of massage for this condition.

SMA is a degenerative condition that affects nerve cells that communicate with the voluntary muscles of the body. Muscle tissue doesn’t receive signals from the brain. Therefore it starts to atrophy causing mobility and motor function issues. The severity is dependent on the age of which the symptoms appear.

Massage therapy works with soft tissues of the body. Even though massage therapy won’t stop atrophy it can keep the muscles supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Since SMA reduces motor function, muscles need help with circulation and movement. Both areas are key focuses for massage therapy sessions. Light stretching and traction on the muscles can assist in keeping them toned and help remove adhesions that may have occurred.

Speak with your physician to see if we can add massage therapy to your treatment plan.

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