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MOM – Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May; this is when your little tots bring you breakfast in bed and all the cute handmade presents from school or daycare.

Being a Mom is a full time job! The sleepless nights as a new born, worrying about them through school, college, and then being sure they are taken care of even after they have children.

Now, let’s be real honest, not every moment of raising your child is all rainbows and butterflies. After the 100th time of the waking up every 2 hours because they just want to sleep with you and every rude remark from your teenager; sometimes you just want to run away, hide and possibly scream!

Some parents feel guilty if they take a moment and get their hair done or go shopping for useless things, just to have a moment to themselves. DON’T…I repeat DON’T! Do not feel bad! You need it! Having a mommy moment to clear your head makes you an even better mommy. You can think clear and handle situations better than if you are tired and frustrated.

What better way to spend mommy time than by getting a massage. After all Mother’s day is MASSAGE day here at The Therapy Centers!

You will be checking 2 things off with one trip out of the house. You will get time away to clear your head and you will get to destress your body with a full body relaxation massage.

Let us pamper you this May as we are celebrating Mom with a One-Hour Relaxation Massage & Foot Scrub for only $55, a savings of 33%.

Schedule Today on-line or call 859.443.4292!

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Prenatal & Infant Massage Therapy Benefits

Prenatal Benefits with Massage Therapy

• Lower Anxiety levels
• Reduce leg and back pain
• Improved mood and sleep
• Infants experience fewer post-natal complications and lower incidence of prematurity
• Reduced symptoms of depression benefits mom and baby
• Improves overall well-being

Prenatal Benefits with Massage Therapy associated with labor

• Relaxation
• Reduce Anxiety
• Alleviate pain
• Shorter labor
• Less labor medication
• Shorter hospital stays
• Less post-partum depression

Infant Benefits with Massage Therapy

• “The importance of touch”
• Reduces infant stress
• Associated with improved sleep organization
• Falls asleep faster, longer, and less fussy
• Increases attention level
• Improves overall well-being
• Positive effects on growth
• Teaches communication with touch
• Stimulation and Relaxation helps with respiration, circulation, digestion & elimination
• Relieves gas and colic
• Reduces pain from teething and constipation
• Eases congestion and pain during illness
• Enhances parental bonding
*Mothers who perform massage to infants experience less post-partum depression

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