The 3 most frequent areas of complaint from a person seeking massage therapy are the lower back, neck, and shoulder. All of these areas can be directly affected in a motor vehicle accident, causing or developing into various injuries:

 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

 Whiplash Associated Disorders

 Neuromuscular Pain

 Herniated Disc

 Ligament sprain

 Sacroiliac dysfunction


 Frozen Shoulder

 Rotator Cuff Strain

 Shoulder Separation/Dislocation

As these conditions cause pain, tight muscles and limited movement, it is our priority to address these issues soon after and normalize the soft tissues, leading to an improvement and return to normal daily function. In addition, we are proactive in addressing factors such as posture, exercise, ergonomics, and footwear, which will enable the client to minimize future problems and lead a healthier lifestyle.