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Migraine VS. Headaches

How do you know if you are having a migraine or a headache?
There symptoms can be very similar. Symptoms, such as location of pain, mild to severe symptoms, and sudden or gradual onset.

So how can you tell them apart?
Migraines tend have more symptoms and precursors before they actually occur.

Here are some of the differences between the two:


• An Aura of vision loss or spots.
• Nausea or vomiting
• Sensitivity to light and sound
• Symptoms worsen with exertion
• Throbbing sensation


• No Aura change in vision
• No Nausea or vomiting
• Possible sensitivity to light and sound
• Symptoms do not worsen with exertion
• Pressure and tightness around head

Migraines/Headaches and Massage

With the onset of migraine symptoms, touch and pressure can increase pain. However, in between episodes massage therapy has proven to be an effective treatment. Decreasing the number of episodes, severity of symptoms, and feelings of anxiety or depression. Massage therapy promotes a better sleep and serotonin levels which help with anxiety and depression.

Tension headaches come from physical (over exertion or anatomical issues) or emotional stress that manifests in the muscles around your neck and head. Massage therapy focuses on relieving stress and tension, so it directly relieves symptoms and pain.

Did you know if you are having headaches or migraines your insurance or health savings account could pay for your massage therapy sessions?

Contact our office and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members! Schedule your appointment today, 859.443.4292!

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Self Massage to Alleviate Tight Muscles

We all love getting massages, but we also live busy lives and have busy schedules. Sometimes we just get too bogged down to see our therapist. The aches and pains just don’t go away, so what do you do? Fortunately, a simple use of a tennis ball can ease most aches and pains.

Low Back – First, lie down on the ground. Place a tennis ball right about your hip and to the side of your spine. Roll your back across the ball until you feel relief. Continue this for about 1-2 minutes.

Neck and Shoulder- Stand with your back against the wall. The tennis ball should between your shoulder blade and your spine. Roll it from the middle of shoulder blade to the base of your neck.

Forearm- This one is pretty easy; place a tennis ball on a table and your forearm on top of it. Then just roll it up and down until you feel relief.

Feet- Another easy one, just rest your foot on top of a tennis ball on the floor. Gently roll the ball up and down your foot. Don’t try to flatten the ball, use firm but steady pressure.

Adding these quick self-massage techniques while at home or work will help to alleviate tight muscles until you can come see us. There are other great tools for self massage such as a foam roller. You can use a foam roller to release tight muscles as well.

Ask your therapist about foam rolling and tennis ball self massage during your next visit. Your therapist can teach you many more techniques than just the few we have listed above.

Call us to schedule your massage appointment today at The Therapy Centers, 859.443.4292!

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Spinal Muscular Awareness Month

Massage therapy is beneficial for multitudes of issues ranging from headaches to plantar fasciitis. Since August is SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) awareness month we are going to look at the benefits of massage for this condition.

SMA is a degenerative condition that affects nerve cells that communicate with the voluntary muscles of the body. Muscle tissue doesn’t receive signals from the brain. Therefore it starts to atrophy causing mobility and motor function issues. The severity is dependent on the age of which the symptoms appear.

Massage therapy works with soft tissues of the body. Even though massage therapy won’t stop atrophy it can keep the muscles supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Since SMA reduces motor function, muscles need help with circulation and movement. Both areas are key focuses for massage therapy sessions. Light stretching and traction on the muscles can assist in keeping them toned and help remove adhesions that may have occurred.

Speak with your physician to see if we can add massage therapy to your treatment plan.

Call to schedule you massage today! 859.443.4292

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Health Insurance/ Flex Spending and Health Savings Account

Will my Health Insurance cover massage therapy?

The Therapy Centers staff will take your health insurance information and call to verify if your insurance will cover massage therapy sessions. All insurance companies and plans vary. If you have massage therapy benefits through your health insurance plan, a physician referral will be required before treatment begins.

Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flex Spending are both saving accounts that allow you to set money aside for qualified medical expenses.

The Therapy Centers accepts both HSA and Flex Spending as payment for massage therapy services. A physician referral for massage therapy is required to ensure payment is for a medical treatment.

If you have any questions concerning you health insurance benefits, your Health Savings Account or your Flex Spending Account and how it can cover the cost of your next massage therapy session please ask our staff.

Call us today to schedule your massage therapy session. 859.443.4292

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Treat Dad to a Massage this Father’s Day

Whether it is sitting in an office chair, gardening, mowing our lawns, or hauling the kids around, Dad probably has some aches and pains that need attention. Dad may overwork himself and find his back reminding him of this for weeks, especially the lower back.
Low back pain can feel anywhere from uncomfortable to debilitating depending on the severity of it. The type of pain can vary as well with some cases feeling like a sharp stinging to a dull ache that throbs. Whichever the symptoms or severity you might be experiencing, massage therapy may be the answer you need.
There are three muscles that are likely the culprit of your discomfort; Quadratus Lambroum, Iliopsoas, or the Gluteal muscle group. Tightness in these muscles can lead to poor posture and create a pain cycle. Another cause of a sharp shooting sensation would be an inflamed or impinged nerve. With deep tissue massage therapy and pin-stretch techniques, we can alleviate your pain and give you the comfort you need.
Instead of buying Dad a tie, wallet or cologne this year, give him the gift of health. With this generous gift, you can help your dad relieve stress and pain, improve his range of motion and flexibility, increase circulation and improve his posture, and even provide headache relief. Even if Dad’s not suffering from any symptoms, he will leave The Therapy Centers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Our Father’s Day Special is a 1 Hour Massage & Foot Scrub for only $55! A savings of 33%! Give us a call to schedule today! 859.443.4292

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

MOM – Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May; this is when your little tots bring you breakfast in bed and all the cute handmade presents from school or daycare.

Being a Mom is a full time job! The sleepless nights as a new born, worrying about them through school, college, and then being sure they are taken care of even after they have children.

Now, let’s be real honest, not every moment of raising your child is all rainbows and butterflies. After the 100th time of the waking up every 2 hours because they just want to sleep with you and every rude remark from your teenager; sometimes you just want to run away, hide and possibly scream!

Some parents feel guilty if they take a moment and get their hair done or go shopping for useless things, just to have a moment to themselves. DON’T…I repeat DON’T! Do not feel bad! You need it! Having a mommy moment to clear your head makes you an even better mommy. You can think clear and handle situations better than if you are tired and frustrated.

What better way to spend mommy time than by getting a massage. After all Mother’s day is MASSAGE day here at The Therapy Centers!

You will be checking 2 things off with one trip out of the house. You will get time away to clear your head and you will get to destress your body with a full body relaxation massage.

Let us pamper you this May as we are celebrating Mom with a One-Hour Relaxation Massage & Foot Scrub for only $55, a savings of 33%.

Schedule Today on-line or call 859.443.4292!

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Prenatal & Infant Massage Therapy Benefits

Prenatal Benefits with Massage Therapy

• Lower Anxiety levels
• Reduce leg and back pain
• Improved mood and sleep
• Infants experience fewer post-natal complications and lower incidence of prematurity
• Reduced symptoms of depression benefits mom and baby
• Improves overall well-being

Prenatal Benefits with Massage Therapy associated with labor

• Relaxation
• Reduce Anxiety
• Alleviate pain
• Shorter labor
• Less labor medication
• Shorter hospital stays
• Less post-partum depression

Infant Benefits with Massage Therapy

• “The importance of touch”
• Reduces infant stress
• Associated with improved sleep organization
• Falls asleep faster, longer, and less fussy
• Increases attention level
• Improves overall well-being
• Positive effects on growth
• Teaches communication with touch
• Stimulation and Relaxation helps with respiration, circulation, digestion & elimination
• Relieves gas and colic
• Reduces pain from teething and constipation
• Eases congestion and pain during illness
• Enhances parental bonding
*Mothers who perform massage to infants experience less post-partum depression

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

What is Myofascial Release?

Does your shoulder hurt, and you can’t move it like you used to? Maybe you feel a sharp pain when you stretch, or just a general tightness that won’t go away?

A manual therapy technique called Myofascial Release could be the treatment for you.

What is Myofascial release (MFR)?
An effective massage therapy technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue surrounding the muscles to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Fascia is a spider web type tissue surrounding each and every muscle. Sometimes it becomes “stuck” or restricted. Typical massage techniques focuses on just the muscles, however MFR strictly focuses on this spider web like tissue to stretch it out. With subtle and sustained pressure, your pain and discomfort can melt away.

Ask your therapist specifically about receiving Myofascial Release within your next session at The Therapy Centers.

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Stress Relief and Massage Therapy

We’ve all been there; sitting in the car in rush hour traffic, on the phone with the cable company because your internet quit working, or rushing to meet a deadline at work. Your blood pressure will rise, you start to feel the muscles in your back tighten, you begin to grit your teeth and now your back and neck hurt.

The effects that stress has on our body starts to wear us down. You are more tired than normal or you are getting headaches and then begin to be moody. When we hurt we either take some pain relief medication or we are on a heating pad. Yes, I am talking about you; we’ve all been there.

There is a more natural solution. Two words, Massage Therapy! Yes, you read it correctly! Massage therapy can help your body when you are stressed. Something as simple as a relaxation massage can start a feel good, healing process to help you mentally and physically unwind.

The simple techniques of a massage will increase blood circulation. This makes you feel warm as well as help blood circulate throughout your muscles and organs to help repair them. The relaxing feel will release the “feel good” hormone dopamine. Therefore, after a massage you will have feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Receiving massage therapy once a month is recommended for maintenance, to keep your body feeling good as well as just taking time for yourself. Giving yourself time to escape all the stressors that the outside world throws at us and focus on you for just 60 minutes will be life-changing experience. Just try it!

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Massage Therapy Lexington Kentucky Skin Care

Breast Cancer & Massage Therapy

Did you know massage therapy may help breast cancer patients?

Women with breast cancer are at a higher risk for anxiety, depression and decreased natural killer (NK) cell numbers. Stress has been linked to increased tumor development by decreasing NK cell activity.

Thirty-four women diagnosed with Stage1 or 2 breast cancer participated in a study, post-surgery, where they were assigned randomly to a massage therapy group. During this study, these women received 30-minute massages three times a week for 5 weeks, or were part of a control group. The women were assessed on the first day of the study on immediate effects of anxiety, depressed mood and vigor. They were also assessed for long-term effects on depression, hostility and anxiety, body image and avoidant versus intrusive coping style, in addition to urinary catecholamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine) and serotonin levels.

Objectives of this study were to examine massage therapy for women with breast cancer, the biological measures associated with mood enhancement (serotonin, dopamine) and improving mood of these women. Also examined were stress hormone levels, effects on stress reduction and boosting immune measures.

Immediate effects on the women who received massage therapy were reduction in depressed mood, anxiety and anger. Longer-term effects of these same women were reduced hostility, reduced depression, and increased NK cell number, lymphocytes and serotonin values.

Massage Therapy three times weekly for women with Stage 1 or 2 breast cancer may be beneficial with reduction in anxiety, anger, depressed mood, and an increase in NK cell number, enhanced dopamine, serotonin and lymphocytes, therefore improving immune and neuroendocrine functions.

Massage therapy helps patients feel relaxed and in touch with their bodies; it gives patients a moment to not think about the stresses of cancer and treatment- a time for the patient to escape the anxiety of the day. When seeking massage therapy during cancer treatments, always obtain approval from your treating physician and always seek a licensed massage therapist.


Reference: Hernandez-Reif M, Ironson G, etal. Breast cancer patients have improved immune and neuroendocrine functions following massage therapy. J Psychosom Res. 2004 Jul; 57(1):45-52.

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