Therapeutic Rehabilitation Selective Services (TRSS)

The Therapy Centers is dedicated to enhancing the quality of our customers’ lives through a comprehensive approach that treats primarily through manual therapy techniques. We strive to find the source of your discomfort and make it better.  We’ll make suggestions to minimize the recurrence of your symptoms, help you take control of your own health, and maximize independence.

Phase 1: CSI-The Interview

CSIClient Symptom Investigation– is a process by which we work to discover the cause of your discomfort.

(For follow-up treatments, the interview will be more brief and only require updates as necessary.)

Phase 2: The Assessment

 The therapist may document more pertinent information regarding:

  • posture
  • palpatory (hands-on) information
  • range of motion/flexibility
  • strength against manual resistance
  • special orthopedic tests 

After gathering all of the information from Phases 1 and 2, the therapist will determine the best course of treatment.

Phase 3: Implementing The Treatment

Based on the severity and overall state of the condition, the therapist may determine the proper progression of treatment and the number of sessions.

Regular feedback from the client helps to guide the therapist in staying on course.

Phase 4: Self Care and Plan

This is a critical phase of the TRSS process in which the therapist discusses the client’s accountability for the factors involved in the condition which are under his/her control.

The therapist may provide cues for the client to be aware of and practice:

  • Posture in standing, sitting, walking, and even sleeping
  • Ergonomic suggestions
  • Stretches to do at home daily 
  • Use of heat or ice

The therapist may also discuss the treatment progress and any changes to treatment, reassessment, or discharge plan.